Sunday, June 27, 2010

How long does a gingerbread man last?

Ad came home from the bakery with a gingerbread man as a special treat, but our Monkey Boy freaked out when his dad bit its head off! And not just a little freak out, a total screaming inconsolable panic. Luckily his father had bought a second one and it was whipped out to replace the decapitated biscuit man. But now Monkey won't eat it, instead he walks around the house with his gingerbread man, 'cuddling it' and 'kissing it' (his words). It's only been two days, but how long does a gingerbread man last? Won't it go mouldy if we let him keep it for too long? We may have to do a switcherooney like some parents have been known to do when the goldfish dies. I'll keep you posted.

This pic of Bugalugs is totally unrelated to the gingerbread man story, but gratuitous cuteness (and Nanny wants lots of pics of the little fella while they're away).


  1. I guess making clown faces(arrowroot biscuit with jelly beans) are out of the question granma

  2. Days and days and days until it crumbles into tiny little pieces from being "loved" too much. Luca did the same thing when he was Rory's age and was first given a gingerbread man, Ellie at the same age gobbles it up quick smart. She has had it modelled by her older brother.

  3. After reading this, and seeing Monkey Boy carrying around his tiny teddy - not eating it, just carrying it until all the chocolate melted off the back and smudged all over his hands - I have recounted these stories to numerous people (probably none of whom were particularly interested).

    However, one friend - who was listening patiently - said, 'maybe he wants a doll, you could get him a GI Joe.'

    So this was intriguing in two ways... firstly because I thought yeah, maybe he likes having a buddy he can lead around and show things to (this will no doubt be Bugalugs soon enough). But then secondly, why is it that if a boy is going to have a doll, it has to be a GI Joe?!